General Safety Rules
All Drivers Must Wear An Updated Firesuit & Proper Racing Helmet...All Drivers
Must Have a Security Mounted and Updated Seatbelt Harness & Seat...All Drivers Must Have a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher Mounted In The Cockpit and Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have an Operating & Clearly Marked Kill Switch that is Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have a Properly Mounted Fuel Cell...All Cars Must Have a Properly Built and Mounted Roll Cage Made With .85 Minimum Steel Tubing..All Cars Front and Rear Firewalls Must Be Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of theCar...Does Not Have to Be Stock or in the Stock Locations, but Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of the Cars...All Cars Must Have Easily AccessibleTow Hooks or Chains in the Front and Rear...Both Doors Must be Welded or Bolted Shut...DriveshaftsMust be Painted a Bright Color
Rules and Regulations:
250 Speedway
All new rules are printed in red
2017 Challenger Rules
This Class is meant to be Beginners Class for running a Rear Wheel Drive Car; Learning about Shocks, Tires, Springs, Basic Car Set Up's etc. to help the Driver for when they move up to a higher class. This is a Novice Division!

#1 ALL CARS WILL RUN A 4412 - 2 BARREL CARBURETOR & CAN BE INSPECTED AT ANYTIME! If you win two features in a row, YOU WILL go through a carburetor
inspection immediately after your 2nd Feature win..A Track Official will go to your Pit Area with you.. YOU will take off your Carburetor and IMMEDIATELY hand it to The Track Official and The Official will proceed with the "NO-GO Gauge" Procedures.. If the "NO-GO" Gauge Does Not fit your Carburetor, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BARRED FROM THIS CLASS.. If the "NO-GO" Gauge DOES FIT your Carburetor, you will be
handed one of 250 Speedway's Carburetors to put back on, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR CARBURETOR BACK..

#2 If you have been a Track Champion at 250 Speedway or Any Other Track in the Former Pure Stock, ModLite, or any Equivalent or Higher Class,YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO COMPETE IN THE CHALLENGER CLASS.. If you have spent (1)
year or more in the Modified, ModLite, Super Sport, Street  Stock Class at 250 Speedway.. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO COMPETE IN THE CHALLENGER CLASS.. This includes Pavement/Asphalt Tracks with Higher or Equivalent Divisions/


#4 Camaro's & Firebirds: 2nd Generation Camaro's and Firebirds Must maintain Stock type bodies and suspension with the exception of, Front Tubular Upper Control Arms
and Running a Ford 9" Rear End, is Permitted but Must remain on the factory leaf spring suspension and maintain the factory wheelbase.. Must have the same number of leaf's on Both sides of car.. NO 3 LEGGED CAMARO'S.. NO SLIDERS.. NO FIBERGLASS LEAF'S..
3rd Generation Camaro's and Firebirds Must maintain the Stock type suspension.. You are permitted to run a Ford 9" Rear End, but Must attach it with a 4 link Factory GM type Arm System, Maintaining its Factory Wheelbase
#5 Suspension & Wheelbase in General: No adjustable springs or shocks, no
adjustable reat trailing arms or control arms OF ANY KIND.. Tubular upper control arms
ARE permitted.. Ford 9" Rear Ends ARE permitted.. The rest of the suspension Must
remain a stock type suspension and maintain a factory wheelbase.. X Bracing on ANY uni-body type car IS
permitted and highly encouraged.., NO rear steer type cars of any kind..

# 6 Engine & Engine Components: NO ALUMINUM MOTORS.. NO ALUMINUM HEADS.. Standard ignition type components ONLY.. NOK MSD boxes, NO high rise intakes.. Victor Jr. or Equivalent will be the maximum height and velocity for intakes. ALL CARS WILL RUN A 4412- 2- Barrel Carburetor & the OEM style adapter for the   4-barrel intake Will be permitted.. NO MORE than one inch (1") NO OTHER TYPE SPACERS.

# 7 Transmissions & Driveline: NO RACING TRANSMISSIONS.. Must be OEM type transmissions. . NO DIRECT DRIVE. Automatics Must function properly. NO triple Disc Clutches, Single Disc ONLY.. DRIVESHAFTS MUST BE PAINTED A BRIGHT COLOR..

#8 Bodies: All bodies should look stock apperaing so the fans can recognize the car you are driving.. ( example: if you are driving a Monte Carlo.. then it should look like a Monte
Carlo)  NO RUB NAILS, No sharp edges or pointed bumpers.. All car numbers MUSTBE NEAT, LEGIBLE AND EASILY IDENTIFIED ON BOTH DOORS AND ROOF so the scorers can tell your car number..

#9 Wheel's & Tires: Any 8" Racing wheel and tire is permitted. HD Wheeel Studs and Lug Nuts ARE MANATORY..
#10 General Safety:  YOU MUST HAVE a Roll Cage with a minimum .85 Steel tubing..
You MUST wear a Firesuit & Racing Helmet.. You MUST have a working Fire Extinguisher in the driver's compartment that is easily accessible.. You MUST have a kill switch and it MUST be clearly marked and easily accessible. You MUST have approved and non expired Seat Belt Harness that is properly mounted. . Front and rear Firewall's MUST be properly sealed off from the Driver's compartment.. Doors MUST be welded or botled shut.. You MUST have a fuel cell that is properly mounted and secured.. Please refer to the  "General Rules" concerning safety..

#11 DISCLAIMER: 250 Speedway reserves the right to change and/ or Alter Rules and Procedures at any time.. Any Violation of these Rules will be done in the interest of Safety and Fair Competition.. Designated Officials of 250 Speedway Have Full Authority over All Racing Events.. In the Event of a Dispute, The Head Flagman's Decision will be FINAL..  ALL CARS ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION AT ANY TIME!!!
***Payout for special events not included***
1 200
2 150
3 100
4 80
5 75
6 55
7 50
8 40
9 35
10 10
11 10
12 10
13 10
14 10
15 10
16 10
17 10
18 10