This is a STOCK CLAIM DIVISION.  This division will run 1 feature after the other 6 divisions have completed their regular racing program on Friday night.The track configuration is subject to change from week to week.  Driver's MUST be present at the regular, weekly drivers meeting held at the pit shack at 715.  A single (1) front seat passenger is allowed, providing the requirements are met.
COMPLETE CAR must be stock 4-Cylinder or V-6 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE ONLY. Stock tires, shocks, motor, air cleaner, etc. There is an $800 claim on the whole car. NO RACE CARS OF ANY KIND.  Race Lineup Will Be Determined By Pill Draw.

The Pill Draw Takes Place In The Pit Shed Next To The Pit Chute Near Turn 4 Beside The Pit Bleachers. 250 Speedway's Pill Draw Begin's at 4:30 When The Gates Open and ends at 7:00 SHARP. If You Do Not Draw A Pill, You Will Start From The Rear. “ No Exceptions”

ALL DOORS must be tied or welded.
ALL GLASS (windows, headlights, blinkers, side mirrors, etc...) MUST be removed. The exception is the windshield, you can leave the windshield but IF it is removed YOU MUST have a 3 bar tire catcher in front of the driver and passenger (if applicable). Also MUST remove ALL PLASTIC and AIRBAGS.  Front drivers and passenger side windows MUST have window nets.
MUST have working shoulder and lap belts for driver and passenger.
MUST have a fully charged Fire Extinguisher mounted in the drivers compartment.
MUST have good floor pans! NO ROTTEN FLOOR BOARDS.
MUST have a number in accordance with the General Rules (size, color, location).

The Purse will be based on an 18 car field and will be adjusted if there are less than 18.  IF THERE ARE NOT 10 CARS, THE DIVISION WILL NOT RUN THAT NIGHT.   A One (1) Time $25 registration fee will be required your first night of racing. If you are not registered you WILL NOT compete.The Driver and passenger WILL be required to have a PIT PASS (No person will be allowed to drive or be a passenger from the grandstand side).

Top 3 positions will pay:
First Place: $250 Second place: $100 Third place: Two (2) 250 Speedway Pit Passes good for any regular night. (Special event nights the Individual(s) will be charged the additional amount). PLEASE see a copy of the GENERAL RULES which are posted on the web site you will be asked to comply with these rules!!  If there are any questions or concerns, please CALL Track Owner Dan Wagner. These Rules are subject to change by 250 Speedway and its officials at any time.

2017 Enduro Division Rules