Article I

A. Purpose
It is the purpose of these rules to promote for the mutual interest of 250 speedway and its participants rules on matters pertaining to pit registration, qualifying, race line up, race procedures, safety regulations, flag rules, inspections, trophies, prize money, matters of conduct and responsibility, championship and special race events
B. Management
The operation of 250 Speedway and the full direction of the participants is the function and responsibility of speedway management
C. General
The rules set forth in this rule book are intended to promote fairness and equality in the sport of Stock Car Racing. Most of the rules are intended for all racing programs although there may be some special non-weekly programs that will have to be dealt with on an individual basis         
Track management has the right to modify or delete any of the rules at any time if it is deemed necessary, but is obligated to notify participants of any changes by either:
1. Having a drivers meeting.
2. Posting a notice at the sign in booth.
3. Posting a notice at the line-up board.
If there is an element of doubt relative to the interpretation of any of the rules in this book contact any of the key officials for an official interpretation

Article II

In fairness to all, it must be recognized that it takes many people to put on a successful racing program, but for the purpose of this publication the five key track officials will be reviewed. The people assisting these five key officials contribute much to the success of the program. The five key track officials are Promoter, Race Director, Flagman,
Head Scorer, Pit Steward, and Tech Inspector. Although their responsibilities overlap to a degree, generally, their duties are listed below
A. Promoter
He has the final word on all matters relating to the total operation of the speedway and assists where needed during the Program

B. Race Director
1. He oversees the scheduled racing program and sequence of events.
Assists in determinig car or cars that caused the race to be stopped.
3. Direct administrative and clerical activities relating to race program

C. Flagman
1. Flags the cars during hot laps and races.
2. Makes sure the Speedway is clear and safe for racing.
3. Dispatch ambulance, wreckers, fire equipment, track crew, etc. as required.
4. Reprimand drivers when required.
5. Assists the scorers to determine the car or cars causing the race to be stopped.
6. Assists in restarts as required.
7. Uses passing flag as required.
8. Insure good starts.

D. Head Scorer
1. Is the official scorer of the races.
2. Assists in determining car or cars that caused the race to be stopped.
3. Notifies the Pit Steward and Flagman of restart line-up.
4. Determines finishing positions.
5. Makes the payoff sheets.
6. Insures no duplication of numbers.E. Pit Steward
1. Dispenses cars onto track for hot laps.
2. Posts racing agenda and lineup on lineup board .
3. Line up upcoming races.
4. Help line up restarts.
5. Notify Race director of changes of drivers, car numbers, late arriving cars, scratches, etc.
6. Reprimand drivers when required.

F. Tech Inspector
1. Insure that all cars safety specifications are met.
2. Approve all helmets, driver suits, gloves, window nets, safety belts, etc.
3. Check cars after accidents to determine fitness for future races that show.
4. Insure that all cars conform to engine, body, suspension, weight, wheel, tire, etc. specifications.

Article IIl

A. A PIT PASS must be purchased at the sign-in booth by all persons entering the Pit area. Pit Pass applicants may be male or female.
B. Pit Passes must be worn at all times on speedway property. Failure to do so will lead to immediate removal.
C. The transfer of a Pit Pass from one person to another is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate suspension of both parties.
D. Upon request any Pit applicant must submit to a physical examination.  E. Track management reserves the right to reject anyone from entering the Pit area.
F. All Pit applicants must sign a release form.
G. There will be no Pit Pass refunds.
H. Certain special races may require paying a car entry fee. This car entry fee must be paid at the time of entry into the Pits, at which time you will receive a payoff card. This card must be presented at the time of payoff; failure to present this card will mean forfeit of all prize money.I. All Pit applicants are required to abide by the rules set forth in the rule book and to conduct themselves in a responsible adult manner. If a Pit Pass holder violates any rules set forth in this rule book, the car, the Pit Pass holder is associated with may, at the tracks discretion, be suspended along with the individual.
J. There will be
ABSOLUTLY NO consumption of alcoholic beverages, or partaking of illegal drugs by ANY Pit registrant in, near, or around the Pit or track area. Anyone considered to be in a questionable condition will be suspended and subject to criminal charges.
K. Parking spots in the pit area are available on a first come first serve basis.


Go - Course is clear.
Slow down - proceed with caution.C. Red
Stop - do not proceed, stop in a safe place in a safe manner.
D. White
One more lap.
E. Black
Leave the race course in the quickest, safest possible manner.
Blue / Orange stripe or dot
You are being approached by the leaders, move over and allow them to pass.
G. Checkered
Winner - end of event, lap or time.

NOTE: When the Green flag is given by the FLAGMAN to start or restart a race, all cars must retain their position until the flag has waved and the track light is green. The FLAGMAN will determine a jumped start. After being called for a second jumped start in the same race, the car will be sent to the tail or pit side determined by the FLAGMAN. A Failure to do so will result in disqualification and/or suspension.

250 Speedway General Rules