Mini Wedge 2018 Rules
250 Speedway
New rules printed in red

Rules may change or be added to by 250 Speedway at any time if deemed necessary.

A MiniWedge may be built from existing go-carts, or new construction. If a driver wins one week, the best the driver can start the next week is 6th. If a driver wins from 6th spot, the best the driver can start the next week is tail. There will be an engine claim of $ 350.The miniwedge driver will be able to keep their flywheel. The motor claim must be put in the pit box before the feature and which cart they will be claiming. $ 25 of the claim will go to the miniwedge fund whether you get the claim or not. If the competitor refuses, they will forfeit points for that night and be suspended 2 weeks. Rain outs do not count. When a competitor refuses a second claim, competitor will be suspended for a year plus lose their points (12 months from offense) NOTE: After 3rd win, process starts all over. All carts must have brakes before entering the track. No brakes !  No racing !!
        Section 1: CAR -    NO   LTO   CARTS
Wheel base 45”-51” / Max Width (outside tires) 49”
Minimum ground clearance 2”

No Roofs    No Slip Joints!

All car must be constructed of steel tubing with a 4-point roll cage including side protection cage (must be minimum .08) 1’ steel tubing welded to frame.

Floor plan must be steel and a minimum .063 securely fastened to frame. Must fully cover from seat front to past pedals.

Engine must be behind driver’s seat.

All cars must have Late Model body with no open wheels permitted.

Rear deck height must measure between 20” and 24” inches high from the ground.

Body must be made of .040 Aluminum. Plastic may be used for nose & trim.

Any chassis bars above 6” from ground can not have more than 2” of protruding ends. This includes body brackets and supports.

Side crash bars must be flush with outside of front and rear wheels. Must run length wise from at least center of rear wheel hub to center of front wheel hub. Must be 1” round or square tubing with a minimum .083 thickness. Must be welded to main frame in no less that 4 places.

At least 1 vertical door bar must be welded on each side of driver, running from the main rail to side crash bars for driver’s protection. Must be ¾” or larger .083 wall.

Front and rear bumpers must be at least ¾” .083 tubing.

Bottom of control pedals must connect to frame behind front down tubes. Front down tubes are mandatory. Rears down tubes are optional.

Vertical support post must run from main frame rail to top of roll cage, welded on both ends and be constructed of at least 1” round square tubing .083 wall thickness. Must be one right and one left positioned near driver’s shoulder and run near parallel with back of seat.

Seat mounts: (4) required, and must be constructed from no less than 3/4” .083 wall tubing or 3/16” thick flat material and all mounts must be welded to main frame. NO clamps or mounts permitted.

All cars must have horizontal cross bar behind the seat, positioned about half way between bottom frame rails and top of roll cage, constructed of no less that ¾” .083 wall tubing and welded to vertical support post.

Aluminum or steel padded seats are mandatory on all mini-wedges.

Throttle pedal or control rod must have a return spring along with a return spring on carburetor throttle linkage.

Any weight added to car must be bolted to frame.

All cars must have a 12” minimum number on both sides of car.

All Carts must weigh 315 pounds with driver.
       Section 2: ENGINES - 
A.  Power must be transmitted by a centrifugal clutch. No direct drive or push start cars allowed. No variable drive systems. NO belt drive.    
B. Blue, Red or Yellow Clone. No Briggs stock motors allowed, CLSI cams are allowed.Must have stock carb with choke. You can move the gas tank, change the exhaust, or change air cleaners, but motors must stay unaltered.            
C  NO use of alcohol racing fuels.
D. Cars must be recoil start permanently attached to the motor.
E. All cars must have a metal chain guard.
F. Two kill switches must be on the car and must both shut down motor separately. One must be located in cockpit and within driver’s reach, second kill switch must be located at top left rear corner of roll cage.
G. Claims are no longer in affect. Only feature winner can be claimed immediately after the feature. Engine does not come with clutch, throttle, and linkage or gas tank. Failure to apply will result in forfeiture of points for night and 2 week suspension. Any second failure to comply will be suspended for the year. NO EXCEPTIONS
ENGINE CLAIM- Parts you get to keep-1. Air filter  2. Air filter adapter  3. Chain guard  4.Clutch  5. Header  6. Throttle linkage  7. Gas tank  8. Top plate  9.  Fuel pump

       Section 3: SUSPENSION -
A  No suspension allowed. No springs, shocks, rubbers or torsion bars of any type permitted.
B. Breaks must be in proper adjustment and in safe working order.

       Section 4: TIRES - 
A. Open tire rule. No knobby tires. Maximum tire 11x6x6

A. Age limit is 6 years through 14 years old. You MUST provide a copy of birth certificate each year before first race at registration.
B All driver’s must wear an approved SFI -1 certified or SFI3-2a/1 fire suit SFI Certification patch required on suit.
C. All drivers’ must wear at least a D.O.T certified helmet with eye and mouth protection. A full face Snell-ated helmet is mandatory at all events.
D. All drivers’ must wear neck brace.
E. All cars must be equipped with a four (4) point harness system with at least 1 3/4 minimum belts.    
F.  All drivers’ must wear close toe shoe. No sandals, flip flop, etc.
G  Fire proof gloves are mandatory at all events.
H. Arm restraints are mandatory at all events.

A.  All drivers’ must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian only.
B.  All drivers’ must sign in to get any track points.
C.  All general rules apply for mini-wedge as they do for upper racing divisions of 250 Speedway.

There will be ( 2 ) Mini Wedge Classes :
Pro MiniWedge (10 - 14 )  and Pee Wee MiniWedge ( 5 - 9 )
Must Provide a copy of Birth Certificate. No Restrictive Plates on PeeWee Class, it is for Beginners ONLY!  If we observe a child who is dominating thePeeWee Class, all parents will vote on rather to bump them up to Pro MiniWedge Class. Must be 6.5 Clone Motor