Rules and Regulations:
250 Speedway
2018 All new rules are printed in red
General Safety Rules
All Drivers Must Wear An Updated Firesuit & Proper Racing Helmet...All Drivers
Must Have a Security Mounted and Updated Seatbelt Harness & Seat...All Drivers Must Have a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher Mounted In The Cockpit and Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have an Operating & Clearly Marked Kill Switch that is Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have a Properly Mounted Fuel Cell...All Cars MustHave a Properly Built and Mounted Roll Cage Made With .85 Minimum Steel Tubing..All Cars Front and Rear Firewalls Must Be Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of theCar...Does Not Have to Be Stock or in the Stock Locations, but Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of the Cars...All Cars Must Have Easily AccessibleTow Hooks or Chains in the Front and Rear...Both Doors Must be Welded or Bolted Shut...DriveshaftsMust be Painted a Bright Color

2018 Super Sport Rules
Bodies & Appearance: All Cars Should Be Stock Appearing. The Fans Should Be Able To Recognize the Type of Car that You are Running. Home Made Bodies are Permitted, Metal or Aluminum, but Need to be Respectable Looking. Car Numbers Must be Neat and Clearly Recognizable on the Doors and Roof, so The Scorers can See and Read Your Car Number. No Sharp Edges, No Pointed Bumbers, No Rub Rails, and Hood Area Must be Accessible for Inspectiomns.

Frame & Chassis: All Cars Must Maintain a Factory Type Frame/Chassis.. No Tube Frames..No Late Model Chassis.. Uni Body Cars Must be Tied Together with 2x2 Minimum Tubing, Front to rear or X Braced.. 9" Ford Rear Ends are Permitted  and Must be Attached with a 4 Link OEM Type Suspension.. All Cars Should Weigh 3200 Pounds with the Driver in it.

Steering & Suspension: Rack & Pinions are Only Permitted in Cars that Come Factory with it.. Gear Box Type Cars Must Run a Gear Box.. Steering Quickners are Pedmitted..
Collapseable Steering Shafts are Permitted..Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs are Permitted.. Helms End Joints are Permitted.. 
Front Upper Tubular Control Arms are Permitted, Lower Control Arms Must Remain OEM Type Arms and in the Stock Location..Rear Trailing Arms Must be Non Adjustible Type Arms, No Added Lift Arms, No Panhard Bars..No Adjustible Racing Shocks of any Kind..Shocks do not have to be in the Stock Locations.. 1 Shock per Wheel..Weight Jacks are Optional.

Engine & Drivetrain: No Aluminum Motors..Aluminum Heads OK.. 6" Maximum Height on Intakes..Maximum 1 1/4" Carburetor Spacer, 4 Barrell Carburetors are Permitted.. OEM
Type Ignitions.. No Traction Control Devices of any Kind.
Racing Transmissions are Permitted. Triple Disc Clutches are Permitted.. No Quick Change Type Transmissions of any Kind, No Direct Drive, Transmissions Must Work Properly with Atleast 1 Forward Gear and 1 Reverse Gear.. No Quick Change Rear Ends of any Kind..Driveshafts Must be Painted a Bright Color..

Tires & Wheels: Any 8" Racing Tire and Wheels are Permitted.. Heavy Duty Lug Nuts and Studs are Mandatory. .Bead Locks are Permitted on All 4 Wheels..

Disclaimer:   250 Speedway Reserves the Right to Change and / or Alter Rules and
Procedures at any Time.. Any Violation of These Rules will be done in the Interest of Safety and Fair Competion.. Designated Officials of 250 Speedway Have Full Authority Over All Racing Events.. In the Event of a Dispute the Head Flagman's Decision will be Final..

***Payout for special events not included***
1 300
2 200
3 125
4 100
5 90
6 80
7 70
8 60
9 50
10 40
11 30
12 30
13 30
14 30
15 30
16 30
17 30
18 30