Rules and Regulations
250 Speedway

2018 All new rules are printed in red
General Safety Rules
All Drivers Must Wear An Updated Firesuit & Proper Racing Helmet...All Drivers
Must Have a Security Mounted and Updated Seatbelt Harness & Seat...All Drivers Must Have a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher Mounted In The Cockpit and Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have an Operating & Clearly Marked Kill Switch that is Easily Accessible...All Drivers Must Have a Properly Mounted Fuel Cell.. All Cars Must Have a Properly Built and Mounted Roll Cage Made With .85 Minimum Steel Tubing.All Cars Front and Rear Firewalls Must Be Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of the Car...Does Not Have to Be Stock or in the Stock Locations, but Properly Sealed Off From the Inside of the Cars...All Cars Must Have Easily AccessibleTow Hooks or Chains in the Front and Rear...Both Doors Must be Welded or Bolted Shut...Driveshafts Must be Painted a Bright Color
1. Car - Any American or foreign made non turbo compact passenger car, front or rear wheel drive. No trucks.  Rear fire wall required. Lock differential allowed.
2. 2 or 4 door cars allowed. Doors must be welded or bolted shut.
3. You must remove all flammable materials, except the dashboard.
4. A racing seat is highly recommended.
You must have racing harness. Neck and arm restraints are highly recommended.
6. Car must be completely stock. No tubular chassis.
7. You must remove all glass, molding, plastics & chrome trim.
8. You must have 4 point roll bar welded to plates. All roll cage and other bars mentioned in these rules shall be 1-3/4” in diameter x 0.095 thick tubing minimum. Tow hook or chain in front and rear.
9. You must have at least 2 door bars on drivers' side and 1 on passenger side.
10. You must have 3 window bars in front on the driver's side or a windshield.
11. Roll bar must be padded in drivers' area.
12. Cars must be painted & lettered neatly. 18" number minimum. Must have numbers on both doors and on the roof.
13. Approved racing helmet is required.
14. A fire retardant suit and gloves are required.
15. A fire extinguisher is required in the car, properly secured.
16. 8” Racing tires are permitted. No snow tires.
17. Bead lock wheels are permitted.
18. All drivers must be 14 years of age or older.
19. Parents are responsible for any driver under the age of 18.

These rules are intended to be used as a guideline and are in NO way a guarantee against injury or death to its precipitants. Anything not covered should be checked with officials before proceeding. 250 Speedway reserves the right to change andetition. /or alter the rules and procedures at any time. Any variation from these rules will be done in the interest of safety and fair comp250 Speedway officials have full authority over racing events. In the event of any dispute, the head flagman’s decision will be final. Our race way is intended for fair and fun racing.

We at 250 Speedway would like to thank you for your support and hope that all participants, fans, crew members and officials make this a fun and safe place to race
2018  Weekly Payout
***Payout for special events not included***
4 Cylinder
1 150
2 100
3 80
4 75
5 65
6 50
7 40
8 35
9 25
10 10
11 10
12 10
13 10
14 10
15 10
16 10
18 10