250 Speedway General Rules - Page Two
Article V


A. All cars are to have one, two or three digit numbers in contrasting colors to the base color. The number may include letters with contrasting colors, as well. Letters MAY NOT be used without a number. The numbers and letters are to appear on each side of the car and are to be at least 16 inches tall. No gray cars with silver numbers, black cars with dark numbers, etc. contrasting colors only.
B.  No obscenities or foul wording to appear anywhere on the car.
C. It is recommended that the drivers name appear on the roof above at least the passenger door.
D Car and race rules will be available in the Pit Shack or Online.
E. There will be no duplicate numbers running in any division and the track reserves the right to assign car numbers in the order in which requests are received. Only the RACE DIRECTOR can assign car numbers, no other track personnel can assign numbers. If two cars have the same number in the same division, the car that registered first during that season will take the priority and the other car will be required to add a number or letter.
F. If a car changes divisions, it must be reported to the PIT STEWARD, RACE DIRECTOR, and HEAD SCORER and is not assured of keeping the same number. Repeated failure to appear on the track with assigned number will result in suspension.
G. There wiil be no changing of # 's unless okayed by HEAD SCORER.

Article VI


A. The racing program can be lined up by pill draw, the point system, or any other previously announced method. Pill draw will be used as a matter routine. You MUST have a pill drawn by 7:00 or you will be required to start scratch in the preliminary race, NO EXCEPTIONS. You may have someone draw a pill for you if the driver is unable to draw his or her self. If you call ahead and have a pill drawn for you and you fail to show up for that event, you will automatically be required to start scratch the next time you show up.
B. As a general rule there will usually be an intermission, but length will be determined by the RACE DIRECTOR depending on time constraints. During the intermission, the first feature will be lined up by the PIT STEWARD. Track management reserves the right to run the features early in the program if deemed necessary.
C. The preliminary races will be lined up according to the pill draw. All late arrivals will start at the tail to fill out each preliminary race evenly if possible. The feature race will be lined up according to the finishing order of the preliminary races Winner of the first preliminary race will start first in the feature, winner of the second preliminary race will start second and so on in descending order).D. Only one pill is allowed to be drawn for one car
E. Every effort will be made to sequence the races in a manner that will not require a car to run two consecutive events, but if that happens, you will be expected to participate in both.
F. Track officials reserve the right to place any late arriving car or a car that has not drawn a pill BEFORE 7:00 at the tail of any preliminary race.
G. The number of pills drawn for each division will determine:
1. The number of preliminary races.
2. If there are more than eighteen cars, a consy will be run
3. If a consy is needed, the RACE DIRECTOR will determine the number of cars that transfer from each preliminary race and the consy.
NOTE:  Hot laps will be lined up at approximately 7:20 - 7:30. Hot lap lineup and number of laps is subject to change but as a normal will start with Mini Wedge, 4-Cylinders, Pure Stock, Mod Lite, Super Sport and Modified. IT IS EXPECTED FOR YOU TO BE IN THE PIT CHUTE AND READY TO GO AT THE TIME YOUR DIVISION GOES ON THE TRACK, WE WILL NOT HOLD UP THE PROGRAM FOR HOT LAPS!!! If you want your hot lap session, you need to be aware of the approximate time your division goes out, if you donít get to hot lap because of tardiness, it is your loss and the officials will not be held liable. Our Race Program starts at 8:00 and we will make a conscious effort to start on time.

Article VII


A. When black flagged:
1. The car must leave the speedway as soon as possible in the safest possible manner.
2. The car will no longer be scored on the lap sheets.

NOTE: The number of laps completed before being black flagged will determine the finish position and money paid if applicable.
B. Conditions such as throwing oil or water on the Track, unsafe car, breaking alignment before starting line is reached, gouging of track by rim or dragging metal, etc. may also cause you to be black flagged.

C. Excessive smoking of car, causing poor visibility will cause black flagging (at FLAGMAN'S discretion).
D. If you are black flagged and do not understand why, ask the PIT STEWARD. He will get you an answer as soon as time permits.
E. If you are charged with two cautions in one race you are disqualified from that race.

Article VIII


A. Heats

1. Eight laps (Mini Wedge 4)

2. If the leaders take the white flag indicating one lap to go and a caution comes out on the field, it will be declared an official race.

3. No pit stops

B. Consyís

1. Made up of cars that did not get a starting position in the feature through preliminary races.

2. Eight laps minimum; 15 laps maximum; 1 lap per car where applicable as a general rule.

3. Depending on the car count, the first so many finishing cars will advance to the feature (will be announced prior to race) remaining cars become alternates.

4. Consy races will normally be lined up according to their finishing order of their perspective preliminary races.

5. No pit stops
C. Features
1. Main event of show
2. Laps to be announced
3. A competitor may only pit before the first lap is completed to change a flat tire only and must be done in the designated area only (not counting complete restarts) for Modified, Mod Lite, Super Sport, Pure Stock, and 4 Cylinder features only, provided said car stays at the pit chute. Going any place else (I.E. your trailer, etc.) eliminates you from further competition in that event. Car must re-enter speedway under caution flag condition. Race will not be held up for car during caution. Once an official lap is completed in the event, cars that go to the pits are eliminated from further competition.
It is important that all cars attempt to draw a pill BEFORE the 7:00 deadline to make this procedure work effectively.

NOTE: The entire racing program will be based on the number of cars that draw a pill, nothing else.

H. The PIT STEWARD will post the racing agenda on the pit board. He will call for and line up each event ahead of schedule. If you are not ready by the time a given race goes onto the Speedway, you will be required to take scratch position.

NOTE: The PIT STEWARD has complete jurisdiction in this matter.

NOTE: After the lead car reaches the third turn on the parade lap (coming to green) no cars will be allowed to enter the track for that event. Any cars entering the track prior to the third turn, start in scratch position.